Become a European League of Football official!

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October 11, 2022
Dominik Krauss
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Become a European League of Football official!
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The European League of Football Department of Officiating is looking for new officials to join the European League of Football Officiating Roster for the next season especially from countries where the league's teams are situated.

Our new colleagues will become a part of an experienced international roster working in a great atmosphere as one team. During the last months we established an open-minded environment where we discuss our rules and mechanics as well as keep educating ourselves and work together with officials from the biggest American Football leagues.

How to apply?

Are you an experienced official and interested in becoming an European League of Football official? Please contact us via and we will provide you with a form. Please fill out this form and send it back to email address mentioned before.

Until when do we accept your application?

We will accept applications until mid of November – we will announce a deadline separately.

Candidate’s program

Applicants, who meet our requirements, will be invited to join our candidate’s program starting probably mid of November. After the online ruless clinic, we will offer the candidates a rules test they can use for their own preparation and access to our online learning platform. Before the official rules test takes place at the live clinic, there will be an additional preparation course and additional selection test. Throughout the preseason we want to get to know you in a personal meeting.


Officiating Experience

Generally, you need to have at least six years (or at least 100 games) of experience in officiating American Football. If you apply for a Referee position, we expect that you have been an active official for at least ten years.

Rules knowledge

You need to have at least an above average knowledge of the NCAA rules and officiating mechanics. However, you will be trained and tested in the official rules of the European League of Football, which are based on the NFL rules.

Physical requirements

Considering that the players in the European League of Football belong to the fastest in Europe and that a quarter lasts 15 minutes, you must be in an adequate shape. Your physical condition will be checked throughout the pre-season 2023.

Being Coachable

We expect every official being willing to learn new rules and mechanics. Therefore, it is mandatory that we all are coachable and accept that we need to improve.

Being able to work in a team

We established a great roster with a great working atmosphere. Therefore, we expect that you are open-minded and willing to work in a team. Thus, it is important to us that we all accept that we will make mistakes. We won’t blame each other, and we are seeking only forcontinuous improvement. Since we are working in a team, we are looking for officials willing to accept a group decision. Additionally, we are looking for officials who understand that the game is not about “us” but about the game and the players. Lastly, our teaching concept is based on contributions from every official, thus we would appreciate, if you help us all to improve.

Pluralism / Diversity

We, as part of the European League of Football, stand for pluralism and diversity. We expect that you also represent these values and rights.

English skills

Since we are an international roster and the most spoken language in the league is English, you need to be able to communicate in English fluently.

Selection Criteria

• English Skills
• Officiating Experiences
• Rules Knowledge
• Athleticism
• Communication Skills
• Team Skills


If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via email:

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