A Throwback to the Future: How the Hamburg Sea Devils and Frankfurt Galaxy Have Changed

Football exists in Germany since the 1970s, while the European League of Football takes a new approach.

September 20, 2021
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Frankfurt getting ready. ©Sarah Philipp

Not only Germans and Europeans remember the NFL Europe as the start of their football memory, lasting until 2007. Even Americans had a blast playing with NFL Europe franchises in Madden 2001, learning about the Thunder, Centurions, or the Hamburg Sea Devils. Just now, 14 years after the NFL Europe came to an end, there is a rematch waiting that is not related to the older days but carries spirit of two giants waking up after a good night of sleep.

The Frankfurt Galaxy and Hamburg Sea Devils will now meet in the Championship Game of the European League of Football on September 26th in the MERKURSPIEL-ARENA in Düsseldorf.

There are not many cities that have this kind of a past like the city of Düsseldorf. With the Rhine-Terraces, the Oldtown and Kingsallee the city not only welcomes different cultures and people, but it also carries European football tradition. It was known as the LTU-Arena where NFL Europe-franchise Rhein Fire hosted their games. Now, it was renamed to MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA where the first European League of Football Championship Game will take place.

For some, it brings back memories visiting their first live games of football in the 2000s, for others, the game is the beginning of an international career. The quarterbacks Jakeb Sullivan and Jadrian Clark will take the stage as the guys under center for their teams. And „Sullivan“ is a known name in Europe. It comes that with JT O’Sullivan also being the quarterback for the Frankfurt Galaxy NFL Europe franchise in 2007, Jakeb Sullivan quarterback of the Galaxy today has a good reputation as well.

On the other hand, Jadrian Clark is the starting quarterback for the Hamburg Sea Devils in Düsseldorf and for some the underdog in that game. Another quarterback going into the big game as the underdog was 2007 Sea Devils quarterback Casey Bramlet. And it happened that he won the World Bowl against the Frankfurt Galaxy with a final score of 37-28. While the NFL Europe set up American players and prepared them for new challenges in the NFL, the European League of Football approaches young players of Europe and gives them opportunities and helps them to make a name for themselves.

Young regional players carried the load, and they had a chance to get film and show themselves in front of scouts. The biggest of European stages now offers new opportunities for the Frankfurt Galaxy and the Hamburg Sea Devils players. With friends and family watching, fans coming from all over Europe, this is a throwback journey into better times, with a bright future ahead.  

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